Dhyana Renee MakeupArtist/Fx  Hairstylist

Dhyana Renee MakeupArtist/Fx Hairstylist

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That's Dhyana Renee with Jesse Ventura, they are at the WTC interviewing NY's Finest for his "Conspiracy Theory" Series. A.Smith and M. Breverman wanted her to cut Jesse's hair off. He wanted his hair. So, when they landed in Battery Park, she walked to Duane Reade and picked up a package of tiny black rubber bands. Then she slicked his hair back, put it into a ponytail and groomed the flyways. They called it his "Steven Segal Look". Everyone was happy, and his look for the TV Series was born.

After leaving the ballet world, Dhyana attended a private art school in Florida, intent on becoming a fine portrait artist working in pencils and pastels. Her journey then took a turn and brought her onto this path which began in Toronto, ON. There she was mentored by Award Winning Makeup Artists: Jordan Samuel, Colin Penman, and Patricia Keighran. Then she set sail to the NY Metro area, where she worked steadily for 8 years, and became known for her cleanliness, calm demeanor and beautiful work. Dhyana had become a sought after Makeup Artist/SFX Artist and Hairstylist which was met with gratitude andva heart full of joy. Those winds of change have blown once again and now she has landed in Atlanta, GA. (Y'allywood)

Throughout her career, various production companies have hired her to work in film, television, advertising, commercial, editorial, fashion editorial, corporate and live theatre. With a naturally artistic approach to her work, she is always intent on creating a masterpiece with the talent that is placed in front of her. Whether it be creating a specific character type on an actor or re-defining a model's beauty, she demonstrates out - standing work. With openness and a keen eye, she takes into consideration the story, sets, lighting, wardrobe and the character's backstory. This creative process, inclusive to the entire collaboration, is how she contributes to the story telling experience. For all her efforts, Dhyana has earned Makeup Designer and Key credits, and was the recipient of a "Best Special Effects Makeup" award in 2010. She was then invited into the IASTE Local 798 in 2012.

With her artistic insight and professional work ethic, Dhyana is confident she will bring a beneficial contribution to your creative endeavors, and become an integral part of your production team.

Here is what those she has worked with have had said:

" I just wanted to reach out and say thank so much for being on the SJ Couture shoot. I just finished a solid week of retouching the images ....... and by retouching I mean removing wrinkles from the dresses. The makeup was nearly flawless - you did a beautiful job and I cannot wait to work with you again. Wanted you to know that I am your biggest fan!".
- David Patino, Photographer

" Yo Dhyana! Thanks so much for the Amazing work on the makeup for 'Anniversary'. The actor's looked great!........And
you are a pleasure to have on set".
- Randy Slavin, Director

"Elizabeth- Please meet our new key hair and makeup artist, Dhyana Forte. She has some good experience in film,and knows her way around a cast and crew. I have seen her burn and tattoo work, which is perfect for our needs. I also believe she will be a great addition to our set.
- Richard Kathlean, Line Producer

"Greatly enjoyed working with you. You did an amazing job."
- Gregg Naughton, Actor

"Hi Dhyana, You are not going to believe this but your story is already running in the magazine! We just received the issue in the mail. It will probably be on the news stands this weekend or on Monday. (page 106)
- Heidi, Booking Agent for the Zenobia Agency, on my 1st photo shoot for People Magazine.

"...It was a pleasure working with you. You are a fabulous makeup artist and I hope we can work together again someday".
- Andrew Flores, Director ( I won an award for my work on his feature.)


Dhyana Renee Forte'
Savannah New York
Work: 2017390593
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Stephanie lost photo

Click Models - Makeup Artist/ Hairstylist

Stephanie 2

Click Models - Makeup Artist/ Hairstylist

Screen Shot 2015 06 21 at 5.02.18 PM

Click Models - Makeup Artist/ Hairstylist
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Fashion Editorial


Leah's Watch Ad 2 pp

IMG 8172 (3)text

Vigore Magazine - September 2011 Makeup Artist/ Hairstylist Astridland

IMG 8075

Vigore Magazine - September 2011 Makeup Artist/ Hairstylist Astridland
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DSC0276 pp pp pp

Red Management - Makeup Artist/ Hairstylist

DSC0404 pp pp pp pp pp

Red Management - Makeup Artist/ Hairstylist

DSC0600 pp pp

Red Management - Makeup Artist/ Hairstylist
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Dhyana Renee w Jesse Ventura (WTC) jpg

Dhyana R. Forte Web Resume

Dhyana R. Forte Web Resume 2

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Vintage Glamour



Screen Shot 2015 06 21 at 6.04.45 PM

82360008 pp pp

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018 15 2 (2)

"Liar's Pendulum" Key Makeup Artist and Hairstylist

017 14.JPG.JPG

"Liar's Pendulum"

005 2.JPG.JPG

"Liar's Pendulum" - Bullet wound.
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Inked Magazine - January 2016 Makeup Artist

Shumpert 2 (1)

Inked Magazine - January 2016

Shumpert 2

Inked Magazine - January 2016 Makeup Artist
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Scuba Diver pp

Billboards - Makeup and Hairstylist.

Sky Diver pp

Billboards - Makeup and Hairstylist

Biker pp

Billboards - Makeup Artist
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JesseVentura 245 pp jpg

"Conspiracy Theory with Jesse Ventura" - Initial TV Pilot and 2 episodes, Key Makeup Artist and Hairstylist

20141206 172755

B D Wong - NCIS: "New Orleans"

photo 1

Joe Cramer - "Mad Money/ Squawk On The Street"
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100 0256.JPG

"Esther" True story of a child being hidden during the Holocaust.

100 0263.JPG

"Esther" - Key Makeup/ Hairstyling

CCF06032013 00013

"Vampire Conspiracy" Feature Film Character - Vampire
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001 24.JPG pp jpg

Aries Media Group, Corporate Video - Before Aging

009 16 pp jpg

Aries Media Group - After Aging, made her ancient, changed her race.

100 0167.JPG

"Bluefield" - Docudrama: Before Aging
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100 0376 pp jpg

"Invasion" - NY Powerball Lottery Commercial, created aliens.

100 0378 Version 2.JPG

"Invasion" - NY Powerball Lottery Commercial, close-up of alien creation.

100 0380 Version 2.JPG

"Invasion" NY Power Ball Lottery Commercial Check it out on youtube.com
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